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Using Everyday Objects for Language: Bath Time

Continuing with our series on using everyday objects for language. On Week 7 we will focus on all things bath time. We will have 4-5 activities and crafts to complete throughout the week. My goal is to keep it simple and use only items you likely already have or can substitute easily (after all- we… Continue reading Using Everyday Objects for Language: Bath Time

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Hosting a Language Focused Play Date

As mothers at home with our kids (full time, part time, or “just” on nights and weekends) we crave social interactions with others in similar stages of life. And our kids are (almost) always happier when they are around other children. But hosting a play date can feel overwhelming and bring out all kinds of… Continue reading Hosting a Language Focused Play Date

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Teach your child “I Love You”

When children come into therapy nonverbal I often ask parents what they dream of hearing their child say. The two most common responses I get are “mommy” and “I love you”. And as a parent I understand! We pour so much of our hearts into our little ones that we dream of the day they… Continue reading Teach your child “I Love You”

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A Social Newborn?!

You get home from the hospital with your new bundle of joy and are so excited (anxious/happy/terrified?!)....to do a lot of feeding, diaper changes, and watching them sleep. It's a whirlwind of emotions. If you're like me, you TRIED to create structure in your day by reading, doing tummy time, and singing/walking/etc. between all of… Continue reading A Social Newborn?!